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     As most of us know, when the economy is healthy so is the trucking industry. Now more than ever there is a need for drivers. Companies that historically never hired right out of truck driving schools are looking at that option. The biggest problem with that?  They do not have a decent post secondary training program. 

     The #1 misconception of companies that start to hire individuals right out of truck driving school, "You went to truck driving school, you should be able to do the job. Here are the keys, there is the truck, go." This is WRONG! The reality is... These individuals truthfully know just enough to be dangerous! They are NOT "turn key" truck drivers so to speak. To be safe, successful, and effective they need to be paired with a company that understand this and has developed a solid post secondary training program.


     Many trucking companies believe drivers with 10, 15, 20 plus years in the industry can be trainers.  (The companies that REALLY scare the HELL out of us are the ones that believe they can make drivers trainers after 6 months of experience.) Just because a driver has 1, 2, or even 3 Million miles DOES NOT mean they can train new drivers. It merely means they have toughed it out longer than most.  

     Are your trainers equipped with the right tools to effectively communicate, coach, and mentor your new drivers?

     We liken this to a bread loaf pan. If you bake bread in a dented pan, every loaf of bread produced will have a dent in it. If your trainers are "dented" so to speak, what sort of product do think they are going to produce? Your drivers are the face of your company to your customers, and the world at large. What is the caliber of your drivers saying about your company?


     Here at ROCK DEER TT&D we believe your trainers should set the example. We will give them the proper tools to be your coaches, mentors, and team builders. 

     This is where we come in. Perhaps you are one of the afore mentioned companies that are considering hiring newly minted drivers right out of school.  We specialize in working with you to develop 

  • An on-boarding process designed with driver retention in mind from the beginning
  • An effective post secondary training program for your newly minted drivers.
  • Then training your trainers to be effective coaches, mentors, and team builders. 


  • 25+ years in the industry
  • 2+ Million Safe Miles
  • 15+ years driving instructor, driver trainer, trainer instructor
  • A degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology
  • Additional education and experience specializing in Training, Coaching, Mentoring, and Team Building.

     We here at Rock Deer TT&D are uniquely qualified to help you , help your drivers.

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Proper on-boarding, and effective training both work toward your goal of driver retention. And perhaps the #1 key to this is proper trainer training and development.